All School Cleanup

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    Springfield, Vermont
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The Problem

Our wish is to create a nice garden for our afterschool program. We will have students plant and landscape our garden, as well as, learn to conserve and recycle resources instead of wasting them and misusing them. We want to educate more students about the value of having bountiful plant life, and why recycling, having a clean, less polluted environment is beneficial to all life.

Our Plan

We will promote our day of action by advertising it on our web page, and will create posters advertising the event. We will purchase plants and plant them in our garden. We will also pick up trash around our school and in the park across from the school. We will sort the trash into the correct recyclable categories, bag each category and send them off to be recycled. We will use this project as a service learning activity where students will learn valuable information about how to correctly plant and landscape a garden, as well as, learn why a clean environment is so important.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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