All School Clean Up

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    Evanston, Illinois
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The Problem

Our wish was that people would stop throwing trash on the ground. Our wish was that people would recycle things that are recyclable instead of throwing it in the trash. We want the world to be a better place by having better air quality and less landfills. We also wanted to educate our fellow classmates and community on things that can and can not be recycled. We also wanted to reduce the number of trees being cut down by having our schoolmates recycle items like paper. We also wanted our community to recycle plastic bottles so bottles don't end up in the landfills or our waterways.

Our Plan

To start we assessed our school to where or what needed the most help. We educated ourselves about the proper ways to recycle and what can be recycled. We looked to see where garbage was collecting and if there were garbage and recycling bins around. We also put up recycling signs that let people know what they could or could not recycle. We put signs around the school that invited people to our All School Clean Up. After school we walked around the playground and cleaned the garbage and sorted them into the correct recyclable categories. We had garbage bags, recycling bin, plastic gloves to help us pick up garbage. We also wrote a grant to try to get a recycling bin on the playground. And eventually we would like to plant a tree on our freshly cleaned playground.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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