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  • Location
    Pittsboro, North Carolina
  • Status
  • Age Level
    14 to 18 Years

The Problem

We want to address socially stigmatized issues, beginning with menstruation. Our school falls under federal programs with a Title 1 distinction, meaning at least 40% of our population is on free and reduced lunch. Many of the girls in our school have expressed they cannot afford sanitary products, and/or, they have been embarrassed to ask for what is available in the nurses's office. We want to destigmatize the period, and provide quality products to all students who need them.

Our Plan

We are providing equitable access to menstruation products by hosting donation drives and fundraisers to purchase products. We are also holding mini education sessions after school to teach students about their period, and to empower them to embrace it as a part of their bodies. If funded, we will be able to purchase the remaining containers needed in order to safely stock each of the school bathrooms with the products that have been donated. We would also be able to purchase more products for later use.

Themes Addressed

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    Poverty & Equity

The Benefit

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