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The Problem

We would like to give members of our community safer alternatives for eWaste disposal so that they don't end up in landfills where chemical leach into the soil and water table and inspire environmental activism in our student body.

Our Plan

We are going to host our school's first eWaste drive on our campus for Earth Day. We will have the ASB create publicity surrounding the event, recycle printer paper boxes into the advisory classrooms as collection boxes, and a telephone caller will go out the week of to remind parents and students that the event is taking place. We may also create an infomercial online bringing awareness to the problem that will be displayed in advisories so that they can create a spirit of competition and awareness. We are a relatively poor school and oftentimes our student's don't often feel that their contributions are worthwhile. Therefore, we are going to show them how many pieces of eWaste we removed from neighboring landfills, the different types of items that we recycled and facts about how their activism helped the environment! Hopefully this gets them to participate in future environmental campaigns at our school.

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