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    Accra, Georgia
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The Problem

we are a specialized subset of Intermediate Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that provides services allied support( humanitarian ) to local groups of disadvantaged rural or urban households ,individuals and communities. In its capacity as an intermediary institution, AIMS (Roots & Shoots) COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT forges links between beneficiaries.supporting the poor, or perform coordinating or networking functions.[1] aims [root and shoot]community development as development NGOs providing services and resources that enhance the capacity of impoverished communities, individuals, Churches ,Mosques and total populace. it was found that due to high poverty conditions, women and men would also migrate seasonally to earn money by taking up meager and unprotected jobs leading to abuse and other social problems. The root cause being "POVERTY AND INEQUALITIES", this organization has decided to implement a project that will enhance the skills of local women, men and Youths so that they are better able to earn local incomes and reduce these problematic conditions.”

Our Plan

Our aims and objective as NGOs is to provided voluntarily services for teeming poor of rural/urban communities by specialized or focus on community development programs.that enhance quality of live of poor people in our society,our area of focus including the following: Air,Beautification,Food and Health,human community development condition , Landscapes, Pets and Domestic Animals ,Trees, and Plants,Pets and Domestic Animals and water.,it born out of conviction that our communities need basic and better living condition,all hands must be on deck to fight and eradicate poverty in our society.

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety
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    Pets & Companion Animals

The Benefit

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