Adopt a Baby Elephant

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The Problem

Our school's wish is to raise the level of awareness of the slaughtering of the amazing African Elephants. We are urging others to spread the word and join in taking action to save the elephants from extinction.

Our Plan

The E. L. Slocum Elementary School students have researched the plight of the African Elephants for several weeks. We have started a campaign to help save the elephants in our school by writing awareness essays and creating posters to inform others how to take action. The students are also raising money to adopt an orphaned elephant by donating money from recycling bottles. We plan to adopt at least one orphaned elephant by the end of June 2015. 5/29 update: As of today our school has recycled enough bottles to adopt two orphaned elephants! 6/9 update: We are now able to adopt THREE orphaned elephants and are getting close to a FOURTH! The students are seeing, firsthand, the impact a few people working together can have on our world. The students also joined a digital march for elephants on They stand up proudly with their posters to help make a difference in protecting elephants. 6/11/15 We have now adopted four orphaned elephants and will be able to adopt one more by the end of school. The students plan to continue with this project next year to help save the elephants and stop the poachers.

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