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The Problem

We wish to implement a recycling system for paper waste in our school. The reason why we wish to work upon this type of waste is because our classrooms are constantly using paper as a means to teach our students. Handouts and lessons that are no longer needed are typically thrown into the trash since there is no other method to getting rid of it. Apart from this, we also wish to recycle markers inside classrooms. Considering most of our teachers use whiteboards and poster paper for their lesson plans, dried out markers are frequently seen inside trash bins. Most of white board and permanent markers contain Xylene, a petroleum product that when hen inhaled it is absorbed into your bloodstream and can cause headaches, nausea and dizziness. Because of these worrisome effects, we wish to properly dispose of them.

Our Plan

We plan on purchasing sturdy containers and labeling them for their purpose. For example, one container will be labeled "Recycled Paper" while another will be labeled "Recycled Markers". After this is done, we plan on distributing these containers to every teacher/classroom on our campus as well as the main offices. Just as our can and bottle recycling system, we will collect these bins every week. The paper will be recycled into one of our major blue bins near the back of the school. We will continue collecting the markers until we have enough to ship to a program that recycles markers such as Crayola's "ColorCycle" program and "TerraCycle". In the end, we will be reducing the amount of waste that goes into our trash bins as well as become more environmentally conscious.

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