Acworth Community Garden

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    Acworth, Georgia
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The Problem

The mission of the Acworth Community Garden is to provide fresh produce for senior adults who are experiencing food insecurity. It is supported by volunteers from the community who plant, grow, harvest and maintain it. We make multiple weekly deliveries to a low income senior apartment complex (approximately 45 residents). We started this past spring and to date we have donated 1011 lbs. It is our goal to add another group of seniors if we can increase our yield to 2500 lbs for 2023. This year weren\'t able to fill most of our beds until June. We would like to increase production by starting early spring crops. We will need potato starts, onion starts, and lettuce and carrot seeds.We also need to top off our beds with some good compost until our home-grown compost os ready. We also support the community through youth activities - educating about pollinators and sustainable growing practices. We are an organic no-till garden. We have a pollinator garden (2\'X40\'), and would like to increase the pollinator area to add a small meadow along the side of the garden of native grasses and flowers.

Our Plan

We have prepared the area for the meadow.We would like to purchase native plants and seeds for it. We will also purchase compost, disease-free seed potatoes, onion starts, carrot and lettuce seeds (most requested by residents) for early vegetable planting.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Insecurity
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The Benefit

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