Activity Day at Prices Fork Nature Center

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    Blacksburg, Virginia
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The Problem

Our hope for this project was for kids in the Blacksburg area learn about local wildlife and why it is important to conserve and protect them! We also talked about how important it is to recycle and and we went over a few of the recycling processes that Blacksburg does.

Our Plan

Our project will be to create different types of activities for children (ages 3-10) that get them moving and get them interested in learning more about wildlife. We put together different stations: one was a venomous vs. nonvenomous snake identification talk with an albino corn snake. We used the snake so kids can touch her and learn that snakes aren't actually so scary! We had a couple crafts: bird feeders with sun butter and bird feed and an elephant craft. Since it was the day before Easter, we made an Easter egg hunt! We filled eggs with different kinds of candy and different pictures of local wildlife with little facts underneath. Then after they had collected them all, they could come talk to the volunteers about the local wildlife! There was also an oil spill station, where kids were able to see the impacts of oil on feathers and get to feel how different water is with oil in it.

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The Benefit

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