Active students for the protection of animals

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The Problem

Balloon Art People - Active Students for the protection of Animals____ The objective of the program is to raise awareness and cultivate skills among the students in order to undertake actions to protect animals and particularly to protect the strays of their region.

Our Plan

With the help of the project, the students will identify the problems that exist in their area and with the support of their teachers, they will organize an action plan. They will search for local factors to support their actions (animal welfare organizations, municipalities, NGOs), develop collaborations, schedule talks and presentations, create information posters, and propose to community and local government, actions to address problems related to the protection of the animals. In the final phase of the program, all the activities of the schools will be posted on the project website,, to complete the "Library for Animal Protection Practices". Also, any school involved in the program will be considered a member of the "School of Animal Friendly Schools".

Themes Addressed

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    Pets & Companion Animals

The Benefit

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