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The Problem

Consuming resources can include anything from eating food to using technology to warming homes. However, these conveniences come with a cost. Humankind\\\'s irresponsible consumption of resources is exhausting Mother Nature, and—just a reminder—all humans depend on the earth for life.

Our Plan

What do we plan to do? Here at A Sustainable Future, we will reach others through the mediums of videos and PowerPoints, spreading awareness about the importance of Responsible Consumption and Production of resources, and its implications for sustainability in your community. Hopefully, we can convince schools to vastly reduce their paper usage along the way! We provide the resources for students to conduct paper consumption studies at their own schools. The ultimate mission is for students to design an ideal consumption plan for their school and present it to the school district! Moreover, we eventually hope to host a grand environmental convention where attendees can enjoy the wares of Mother Nature while educating themselves on responsible resource consumption. UPDATE: A Sustainable Future has been incredibly fortunate to receive a mini grant from Roots & Shoots and will be using these funds towards supporting its processes and environmental convention! This spring, A Sustainable Future (ASF) is partnering with the Morris Hills Environmental Action Club (75+ members) to do some good for the planet! The \\\"A Sustainable Future\\\" project event will be a dual conference and fundraising event with the purpose of collecting data, raising awareness, and expanding the ASF Network! At this event, ASF hopes to educate attendees through a variety of manners. First, we plan to bring in panel speakers to discuss current environmental matters and workshop ways to become upstanding, responsible citizens to the environment. Presentations will also introduce ASF\\\'s mission, with aims of encouraging attendees and their schools to become members of the ASF Network! All during this time, attendees can buy upcycled wares from artisans. Such goods will be hand-crafted, sustainable, and designed if not from, then to promote, eco-friendly practices! To view an example of a vendor we are collaborating with, please visit: https://mpaulson1.wixsite.com/hope/about-1. Aside from the dual conference and fundraising event currently planned, ASF and the Environmental Action Club (EAC) hope to sell tree saplings at the Convention. Recently, the EAC calculated how many saplings are needed to offset Morris Hill\\\'s CO2 emissions--a whopping 1,000 saplings--which means we will need to sell as many saplings as possible! Moreover, ASF is thrilled to bring in guest speakers from organizations like the Green Schools Alliance and the Watershed Institute and would like to thank them appropriately. Members from the EAC will also be given the opportunity to present on environmental topics of their interest, which is a much-requested addition due to the success of the EAC\\\'s recent presentation night! The best presenter will be awarded a $25 Amazon giftcard. Through this experience, attendees will hopefully emerge with a more complex understanding of the role they play for the environment. Our ultimate mission is to inspire the environmental activists within us all! To read more about ASF Convention planning: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Wn1TTjr7j26Fk58wiYvVL4_nWKA99pJcnZOXE3y8gNI/edit?usp=sharing

Themes Addressed

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    Responsible Consumption
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