A Sustainable Future

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    Randolph, New Jersey
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    8 to 10 Years
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The Problem

Consuming resources can include anything from eating food to using technology to warming homes. However, these conveniences come with a cost. Humankind's irresponsible consumption of resources is exhausting Mother Nature, and—just a reminder—all humans depend on the earth for life.

Our Plan

What do we plan to do? Here at A Sustainable Future, we will reach others through the mediums of videos and PowerPoints, spreading awareness about the importance of Responsible Consumption and Production of resources, and its implications for sustainability in your community. Hopefully, we can convince schools to vastly reduce their paper usage along the way! We provide the resources for students to conduct paper consumption studies at their own schools. The ultimate mission is for students to design an ideal consumption plan for their school and present it to the school district! Moreover, we eventually hope to host a grand environmental convention where attendees can enjoy the wares of Mother Nature while educating themselves on responsible resource consumption. UPDATE: A Sustainable Future has been incredibly fortunate to receive a mini grant from Roots & Shoots and will be using these funds towards supporting its processes and environmental convention!

Themes Addressed

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    Lesson Plans
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    Responsible Consumption
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The Benefit

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