A park for Arusha

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    Arusha, Arkansas
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The Problem

I wish to build a park for the community of Arusha. A place for that the whole family can enjoy; a playground for the children, and benches for to chat with your friends. This park, for its beauty and social benefits, will bring awareness for the environment and hopefully encourage other parks to be built all throughout Tanzania.

Our Plan

For this project, we will first need to get land somewhere that is convenient and accessible to all people. We may have to write a letter to the government to provide us with this piece of land, and raise donations for other expenses. After that, for a whole day or more, we will welcome members of the community to help prepare and plant the park. After everything has grown- which should take no more than 3 months-, the park will be open to the public. To maintain the park, it will be divided into different sections and each section will be put up for adoption, so the park will be run by the community. We will also employ the local unemployed people in the community to help maintain the park.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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