A Movement to Save our Fellow Equine Partners.

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    Leadville, Colorado
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The Problem

The problem I am aiming to fix is the amount of horses that are shipped to the kill pen and they dont get second chances. As soon as they dont get rescued theyre shipped to mexico to be killed for the use of human resources.

Our Plan

The action we\'re planning to take is to be able to make enough money each month to be able to rescue up to 2-3 Horses from the kill pens, auctions, so that we can give them there second chance at trusting humans. We currently have a 30 year old Mare that came to us bones showing, in constant pain, and with a few months of caring for her, shes gaining weight wonderfully, trusting humans again and helping us teach kids about the actions we take to rescue horses. We want to give that to all horses, to give them their dream retirements in a pasture full of friends and food. Or giving that little kid a dream horse to practice rodeos, horse shows and much more.

Themes Addressed

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    Animal Welfare
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    Reasons for Hope
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