A Butterfly Garden of U.S. Native Species

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    Palmyra, Pennsylvania
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The Problem

In 2016 we planted a variety of native plants on our property. We did so to not only reduce invasive species but also to increase our property's wildlife value to pollinators, birds and mammals. In July we learned there is a protected Regal Fritillary habitat less than ten miles from our property. We've decided in 2017 we will plant a dedicated Butterfly Garden of native species to further increase our property's value to wildlife (while increasing the number of native flowers, plants and shrubs in our town). After mapping our community (in the summer of 2016) we learned our town has NO natural water sources (no creek, no stream, no lake or pond). We have very few robust, healthy native trees (many are older/declining or invasive species). We have very few homeowners (almost 50% of the properties are NOT owner-occupied but instead multi-family dwellings). By increasing the wildlife value of our property we hope to not only help the pollinating insects thrive, provide bird food biomass, but also...encourage those who do OWN and maintain their properties to do the same.

Our Plan

Using the resource guide, Butterfly Gardening: Creating Summer Magic in Your Garden (Xerces Society/Smithsonian Institution, 1990) we've designed a 7' x 7' sun-filled garden for our project. We will remove sod to form beds and amend the clay soil with organic compost. In May we will visit the Brandywine Conservancy Native Plant Sale to purchase a number of native flowers and shrubs that will serve as host plants for various species (as well as nectar plants for adults). The plants we choose will be based on the suggestions from the Xerces Society, Brandywine Conservancy as well as Douglas W. Tallamy's book, Bringing Nature Home. Each plant or shrub will be native to the U.S. and beneficial to at least one butterfly species.

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