2015 Earth Day Activity Book

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    Monterey Park, California
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The Problem

Earth Day is fast approaching and Ecoharmony wishes to educate young children about Earth Day by providing them with an activity book that teaches them about Earth Day and keeping the environment clean. Ecoharmony hopes to be able to print enough activity books to distribute to young patrons at the local community library, at a local elementary school, or at the city's Earth Day Festival.

Our Plan

Our project is to create an activity book to educate children about Earth Day and about the environment. Members will create a puzzle book by hand drawing pictures and combining them on the computer. Ecoharmony will also host fundraising activities to raise funds to cover the cost of printing the activity books. We will either contact the librarian to see if we can again set up a table at the library to distribute activity books, speak with an elementary school principal to see if any of his classes would be interested in having some activity books, or we will apply to the city's Parks & Recreation Department to see if we can get a booth to pass out our activity books at the Earth Day Festival.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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