19-05-3P Helping the Community Water Quality and Conservation

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    Omaha, Nebraska
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The Problem

The students will be applying best engineering practices to develop micro ecosytems to use as a model of a food web. These portable systems will show how bodies of water can be in ecological balance. Part of their system will have plants that can be harvested for food for be used in pollinator habitats as a by product. They will then compare and contrast with Wehrspann Lake to test water on the surface and then well sites in this recreational areas. The students will be studying the Ogallala aquifer system that covers several states of which Nebraska is one.

Our Plan

This project will show students the engineering principles involved with flood control, screening for containments in water, and help students develop models to educate others in the community. The portable units can be used for student presentations at Douglas and Sarpy county events, serve as state exhibits, and be used in the 2019 Grades of Green Global Watewr Challenge to educate others internationally. The students will manage their own ecosystems they create plus contribute plant by products for the community programs of pollinator habitat creation and food security to the shelters.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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