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The Problem

I want to make children happy. I don't want children to be sad because of their living standarts. By donating only 10 turkish lira I will be working to make their dreams come true. " 10 parmak" means ten finger in Turkish so the logo will be showing the only price that you can donate. Being able to donate only 10 turkish lira (which is around 3 dollars) will make people donate more because its a little price with a big meaning. My biggest wish after making children happy is being able to have the power and the success to help children with cancer or stray animals or even more.

Our Plan

My project will make children happy and their dreams come true. I will make them reach their goals or get what they want especially when it is a oblegation. I will work with my high school teachers and the people from my other social activities. After I reach my base goal I will continue to work more and let people know my project by introducing it.

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    Pets & Companion Animals

The Benefit

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