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  • Foster Care Closet

    This project is designed to provide local foster families with the needed supplies for hosting a foster child. Often children…
    30 hours logged
  • Haiti Sees: Middle School Play Bake Sale

    The goal of this project is simply to raise money for the organization Haiti Sees, through a traditional bake sale.
    25 hours logged
  • Grade 4 Souk Day: Haiti Sees

    This project is something that was started 6 years ago by the 4th graders. Service clubs and initiatives can bring…
    5 hours logged
  • Haiti Sees Fundraiser

    The goal of this project is to raise money for a summer trip to Haiti Sees. The money raised will…
    8 hours logged
  • Haiti Sees Glasses Drive

    The proposal for my project is to collect used reading/prescription glasses from my community to donate to a specific orphanage…
    10 hours logged
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