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  • Arbor Day: Tree Planting

    Rewilding areas that we once forested.
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  • Going ‘Greener’ this Back to School

    The wish for this project is for consumers to be aware that their back to school purchases have an impact…
    7 hours logged
  • The oK-cup.

    Our goal is to reduce plastic use by providing staff at our school knowledge about the waste generated by using…
  • Field of Terror: Team Building

    A new school year brings new faces to Roots&Shoots. As seniors graduate, new freshman act as replacements. To start the…
    5 hours logged
  • Straw Please

    To reduce the amount of straws used in local businesses.
  • Frightfully Fun 5k

    Our project will raise awareness for pets and domestic animals in shelters. Hopefully inspiring the adoption or donation to a…
    10 hours logged
  • Cape May Zoo Trip

    For this project, we plan to raise money for the AZA Captive Breeding Program and Global Conservation, as well as…
    3 hours logged
  • Tree Planting for Arbor Day

    For this project, we plan to plant multiple trees in order to raise awareness about the importance of sustaining a…
    2 hours logged
  • A Week of Positivity

    The goal of our project is to improve staff and students moral.
    35 hours logged
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