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  • Kind Heart Campaign

    We hope to spread kindness and understand for animals. Through the selling of t-shirts, we support conservation. 75% of profits…
    150 hours logged
  • Paper Bag Project

    Our wish is to provide the women of Detroit with paper bags filled with feminine hygiene products. These products will…
    100 hours logged
  • Valentine’s day cards for the elderly

    Our wish is to provide the elderly residents of Marywood Nursing Care Center with Valentine's day cards.
    10 hours logged
  • Youth Conservation Summit for Michigan

    Our asiprations for this project is that we will be able to connect young adults with a passion for conservation…
  • Red-Eared Slider Awareness

    As the most common pet in the US, Red Eared Sliders are often provided with inadequate care. Often sold under…
  • Birds of a Feather

    To educate the public on the necessity of Bluebird nest boxes and how they are do their part in the…
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