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Roots & Shoots is a global movement of youth leading change in their communities on the issues that matter to them. By becoming a part of our Roots & Shoots global community , you’ll be inspired and supported with a variety of resources to nurture the next generation of compassionate change-makers and leaders with 21st-century learning skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, empathy, and collaboration.

What Makes Roots & Shoots Special

The Roots & Shoots model, activities, and resources guide you through the 4-Step Formula to identify projects that make a big impact in your community. By doing these projects together, you’ll grow compassionate traits, and forge skills to cultivate a generation of change-makers.

We believe every family should have the access to support the development of agency in young people – a critical feeling of being able to create change every single day. With inspiring stories, engaging activities, an online course, a growing network of thousands of like-minded peers, ways to get funding, opportunities to be recognized and featured, we provide everything you need as your family grows together to make a difference.

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The problems of today require a new approach and a special set of skills. Youth need to feel in control of their own narrative, lives, and ability to make a difference. Through our program, young people’s interests are heightened and their learning accelerated to address global and local issues, while discovering what matters most to them. You’re about to become part of one of the most unique and effective youth programs in the world. Ready, set, GO.

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