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Practice Kindness Every Day for 21 Days!

Did you know that by practicing something every day for a period of time – like 21 days – you can make it a habit for life?

At Roots & Shoots, we believe that growing the 9 Roots & Shoots Compassionate Traits will help make the world one where we each make better choices that impact other people, other animals, and the environment we share. Our friends at Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation believe in the power of compassion and kindness, too! So how do you develop kindness and compassion over time? By taking the #BEKIND21 pledge and using Roots & Shoots activities and actions to grow your kindness and Compassionate Traits of course!

In 2019 the pledge contributed to 41 million acts of kindness globally. You can be a part of making this year’s acts of kindness even bigger! Sign up for the pledge below to join millions around the world in making a difference, get ideas for growing kindness towards yourself and others, and use Roots & Shoots resources to contribute to your 21 day actions.

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Practice kindness every day for 21 days to make it a habit for life!
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