The Write Amount of Good

Spread Compassion! Pen an Encouraging Card.

Let’s show fellow humans a little love during what might be a particularly difficult time.

Injustice impacts everyone in different ways. Often this not only takes a toll on habitats and communities physically, but also the people who live there emotionally.

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Spread Compassion! Pen an encouraging card to a friend, family member, neighbor or community partner (firefighters, postal workers, waste collectors etc.) Hand deliver your card or get some stamps and mail it. Let us know you’re doing this 1-Click by filling out the form below and then scroll to the action that follows!

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Spread compassion! Pen an encouraging card.
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Level Up

  • Create a video message filled with compassion! Some say writing cards is becoming a lost art that we need to keep alive. But video messages can sometimes be just as meaningful! On your phone, film a short and sweet video message like the one by our Roots & Shoots program fellow Neuveaux below to say something kind and send it to a friend or loved one.

Example Video Message

Check out this example video message as inspiration for your own!
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Every year on September 21st we celebrate Day of Peace.
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