United Arab Emirates
It will enable people and students to stay healthy and fit. I will do it by teaching simple exercises and karate steps to my schoolmates.
South Korea
I plan to investigate the frequency and resolution of people's separation practices and how to solve this project in order to specifically implement this project.
United States
My project will raise money through lemonade stands and art sales and we will sell the things we don't need any more, clothes. old toys and books. I am a pescatarian who hopes to raise focus on animal rights and create a smaller carbon footprint. By decreasing our dependence on animal protein, by becoming a steward of the environment and wildlife, I hope to help stop deforestation and decrease the amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere.
United States
The youth of BID is in a mission to provide food bags to the homless. They would like to feed the homless throughout the year not just holidays.
United States
We will build squirrel feeders using scrap wood. These squirrel feeders will go on our school's playground and will feed the family of squirrels that live in the trees on our playground.
United States
We will create a sanctuary in the wooded area just behind our school. Again our goal is to create habitat that will provide shelter, food, and water to the animals that inhabit this area. Our students will be assisting with habitat preparation, building of shelter, food/water stations for various animals, and create a viewing area a short distance from the sanctuary for viewing and studying local wildlife. We are using recycled wood for most of this project, along with recycled materials as much as possible.
United States
Our project will help dogs and cats find homes, it will also help bring awareness to those who do not know how much the hurricane destroyed. We will raise money from our neighbors and use that to buy supplies on amazon from their wish list. Then we will drive down to Dickinson and deliver the supplies and in the meantime take pictures of the dogs and cats and post them on social media.
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South Africa
We offer educational activities to children and youth. These are advertised in schools, magazines and newpsapers, facebook, by word-of-mouth and by fliers in public spaces. There is a vast array of topics that go on around the year/s and parents and teaches phone our office to book a topic for a certain day and time. • Saving seeds for the future • The Web of Life – a game - Jenga and string • Garden Warriors – identifying pests and disease and what to do about controlling them naturally • Guerrilla Gardening – seed bombs • Propagating plants from seeds and slips • Using your senses – taste, smell, feel, hear, see • Be a water-wise kid - how to make water go a long way • How does Nature conserve water – the Water Cycle. Magic of the water game. • Weird and wonderful water wildlife – snail eggs/planarians/whirly gig beetles, pond skaters, mosquito larvae, dragonfly larvae, mayflies, fish. Life near the surface • Looking at the life cycle of an insect in our garden. Make a dragonfly/or any other insect mask • Make a hot box/hay box • Natural Predators in our garden • How plants travel Eating the best food posssible - eating raw Spouting and microgreens Fermented foods and much, much more These is a charge for each of these workshops, but we are busy looking for sponsorships for children in the underprivileged schools in our city so that they may also attend them
United States
Each child will create a scrapbook that will feature their responses to all activities with photos, articles, essays, reflections, art work, responses to world-current events & what's going on in their own communities, book reviews and much more. They will invite the public to respond to their blog posts, videos, psa's and hopefully, receive responses to their letter writing campaigns and petitions. They will continually self assess their learning with frequent personal reflections, partner activities and Socratic Seminar style class discussions that will take place throughout the process.