my project will conserve environment due to increasing of vegetation in area and i will cooperate with club members of targeted schools
With the help of the project, the students will identify the problems that exist in their area and with the support of their teachers, they will organize an action plan. They will search for local factors to support their actions (animal welfare organizations, municipalities, NGOs), develop collaborations, schedule talks and presentations, create information posters, and propose to community and local government, actions to address problems related to the protection of the animals. In the final phase of the program, all the activities of the schools will be posted on the project website, http://drasimathitwn.blogspot.gr/, to complete the "Library for Animal Protection Practices". Also, any school involved in the program will be considered a member of the "School of Animal Friendly Schools".
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This project will allow my students to engage with data to understand weather phenomena. In understanding weather, my students will have a greater understanding of seasonal changes, climate zones, and climate change.
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It will provide food for the butterflies and continue the butterfly population. We will plant milkweed and other wild flowers in our backyard and also seed bomb the woods and neighborhoods.
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We will be able to educate our friends and family on how the giraffe lives. We will study the habitats, mating behavior and social life of giraffes by observing them at the Bronx Zoo and the Long Island Game Farm as well as watching movies and reading books.
We’ve discussed with the students about pollution, recycle and reuse, and so the project came out. 1- The students analyse the consequences of the degradation of our shores. They were particularly interested in the animal part so they did lots of researches about dolphins and turtles, since they are the main victims of this decline. 2- Then, a marine biologist of the University of Salento, who is also a member of JGI Italia, joins us in this project. He helped the students analysing a section of the coast, which is particularly damaged because completely exposed to the current of the sea. We obtain a special partnership with a team of scuba divers as well. 3- In May it’s been organized a day for the cleaningup, the students were collecting the garbage on the beach, while the scuba divers went under water doing the same team. 4- They studied the biodegradability of all different type of waste, focusing on the time, and the permanence in the environment. Out from these researches they made up posters, bookmarks and big panels to publicize the information in as many beaches as possible in that area. Another amazing thing they’ve done is that from all the garbage they’ve collected, they’ve created some beautiful designed items, for fundraising for our orphanage in Kigoma.

As regard as the funds, we won a competition announcement from the province, so we’ve fortunately got the financial help from the province itself.
The aim of this project is to help reduce sands and dust storms in the capital. The actions are therefore for this project to first plant 4000 selected trees in a farm in Sanankoroba until they reach a level. Then move them around the city of Bamako where they will continue to grow while protecting the city from storms.
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I will teach my students about environmental concerns, including our growing landfills. The students will use mapping to look for patterns of litter and trash at our school. They will research ways this impacts the environment.
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September 2017-ongoing
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We are going to help plant trees and plants at the Calabasas MRT. Part of this place burnt down from the Old Calabasas Fire last year. Our hope is to bring the space back to life and remove non native plants invading the territory.