Peace & Hope

Human conflict causes massive suffering. But peace lives inside each of us…

Our effect on our planet and one another has been unnecessarily destructive. Conflict over ideology, land, natural resources and power have driven humans to do unspeakable horrors. Despite this, we can still do something about it.

You can turn things around.

You can take simple or big actions to make this a more peaceful world. Right here you’ll find so many ways to foster and spread peace to help create a better world before it is too late.

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What is driving conflict and how can we achieve peace?

“All around the globe there is armed conflict, modern day slavery, domestic violence, terrorism, racism, sexism, and hundreds of thousands of refugees seeking safety from wars or climate change or poverty. While we humans continue to show unspeakable cruelty toward each other, and to other animals, both captive and wild, and wage a ruthless war against the environment. ” – Dr. Goodall

Violent, hateful behavior and thinking is often due to poverty and competition over natural resources and land. It can also be caused by lack of education and/or opportunities. Global or community violence is often also driven by prejudice, corruption, greed, and misinformation which divides us. Worst of all, conflict can come from a loss of hope.

As we work to help shape peace in our world as active citizens of our governments and communities, it is also important for peace to start within. This happens if and when we feel good about ourselves.

We have hope that there’s still a window of time to do something about it…that hope is you! 

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You can help foster peace in yourself and our world.
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We must work to maintain peace in our lives, our communities, our nations.

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder the Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of Peace
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