Equity, Equality & Inclusion

It is essential that we work toward inclusivity and equity within our interpersonal relationships, schools, workplaces, places of worship, governments and justice systems to make sure that voices are heard, and people are treated with respect and dignity.

Prejudice and hate affect each of us in different ways, but systemic injustice specifically affects people of color, femmes (feminine identifying), members of the LGBTQ community, indigenous people, the disabled community, and other marginalized groups by removing access to basic resources, oppressing these individuals and groups, and fueling violence against them. This is particularly important to think about through the environmental justice and social justice lens – it is vital that we work every day toward the true and fair involvement of every individual across race, culture, nation of origin, gender identity, sexual identity, and faith, in regard to access to and protection of the natural world and natural resources.

You can turn things around.

This, however, does not mean we are unable to create change to make things better. Right here you’ll find so many ways to help combat discrimination, social inequality, and hate to create a world where people, other animals and the environment exist in harmony.



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