Good For All Roots & Shoots Celebration: Los Angeles

Celebrate the Launch of Roots & Shoots Basecamp LA

Roots & Shoots is one of the largest global movements powered by youth. The actions these young leaders are taking in their communities have a collective impact that is changing the course of our shared future. This special event on Wednesday, September 28th created in partnership with Seven Arrows School will celebrate the power of youth to turn their ideas into action, inspire one another, and enact change.

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Good For All Roots & Shoots Celebration: Los Angeles 1

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More About Roots & Shoots Basecamps

We’re pleased to announce Los Angeles is the new home to one of our first new Roots & Shoots Basecamps! Who better to drive the activism within a community than members of the community itself? The Roots & Shoots philosophy acknowledges that local people are the most connected to and dependent on healthy community environments. It is they who are the best stewards of their own strategies for change where every community member can make a difference every day.

Roots & Shoots is about local ownership of the process of making a positive impact. Basecamps provide an important in-person layer on top of our existing national model to empower local communities to support each other on projects that reflect their values, needs, historical sensitivities, deep knowledge and desire to work together with others. So why are we so excited about Los Angeles? Because we have seen incredible projects in this city and across this region –the kind of projects that spread compassion and overcome great challenges to bring people together and make a difference.

Basecamps are grown and nurtured by experienced volunteers. These “hives” of activity are where changemakers gather to:

  • Collaborate and network
  • Gain inspiration to turn service project ideas into action
  • Receive in-person support from like-minded individuals
  • Celebrate impact on the community with locally organized events
  • Raise awareness of Roots & Shoots to inspire others to join the movement

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