Program Partner Highlight: Children & Nature Network

Empower Young People
to Connect to Nature & Make a Difference

Across the U.S., we’re proud to partner with the Children & Nature Network.


Partnering with C&NN 2

Researcher Dr. Jane Goodall spent countless hours hidden in the vegetation, observing the chimpanzees through binoculars.

Dr. Jane Goodall has long said that every individual can make an impact. By working together to ensure that every individual has the resources, knowledge, and hope to fuel their passion for change, we multiply that impact significantly and create a better world for people, other animals, and the environment we all share.




    • Roots & Shoots and the Children & Nature Network – two programs committed to the well-being of children and the natural world – are collaborating on a national partnership that will engage and grow a strong network of young nature connection leaders across the U.S.
    • Since the creation of Roots & Shoots in 1991, JGI’s Roots & Shoots program has been encouraging young changemakers all over the world to make a positive impact starting in their own communities. Through this remarkable partnership Children & Nature Network, Roots & Shoots, and the Jane Goodall Institute will be able to deepen connections with young people and empower them to make a difference for nature and in their communities.
    • The partnership will bring Roots & Shoots’ highly-regarded service-learning programs for young people together with the Children & Nature Network’s policy, systems-change and movement building work in joint hub cities such as Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles, California, and beyond.

    • Together, the programs will have additional capacity to scale the impact of their work, advocacy and awareness building efforts designed to increase equitable opportunities for children and young people to learn, play and grow with regular connections to the natural world.

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