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Our Partners on the Ground Empower Young People Across the U.S.

In all 50 states, we’re making sure exponentially more youth are engaged and empowered to make a difference in their communities.

Why Roots & Shoots Works for Your Work

Roots & Shoots celebrates 30 years of empowering young people by giving them the tools, resources and knowledge to be compassionate change-makers in their communities.

Affiliation: Affiliation with the Jane Goodall Institute, which enhances credibility and raises campaign profiles when raising funds and seeking community support.

Global Community: A world-wide network of schools and likeminded educators who are committed to nurturing young people and supporting social and environmental justice.

Support: A national network of alumni mentors and other JGI influencers who can meet with your students (in-person or virtually) to share experiences and provide encouragement.

Flexibility: A simple and flexible program model which can be applied to a wide range of social and environmental justice issues, subjects, and lesson plans for in and out of the classroom instruction.

Skills of the Future: Youth who are empowered to make a difference in their community, while also developing valuable leadership, compassionate decision-making and service learning skills.

Quality Curriculum: Common Core-aligned curriculum that offers experiential learning, community service components, and social emotional learning strategies that positively shape youth in the classroom and beyond.

Professional Development: Access to online training and instruction (with the guidance of experienced instructors including Dr. Goodall herself), mini-grants, lesson plans, activities, guidance and a personal connection to the Roots & Shoots expert staff as well as national/international partners.

Change-makers of Today for Tomorrow: Facilitate change to address our world’s most pressing social and environmental justice issues led by young people.


JGI and Roots & Shoots Partner with the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)

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