Marlee C.

2024 Roots & Shoots Youth Council
Jane Goodall Institute USA

State: Illinois
Years on RSYC: 2024

Marlee is a young conservationist passionate about marine ecology and exploration. At age 11, she earned her junior open-water scuba diver certification and since has studied sharks, fish, and coral.

Today, Marlee volunteers with Reef Renewal USA, propagating and protecting coral species in the Florida Keys.

Recognizing the crucial role that reefs play in protecting coastlines and marine ecosystems, volunteering in the coral nursery is Marlee’s favorite act of service.

Beyond marine conservation, Marlee engages in track and field, robotics, and enjoys running. Her hope lies in education and showcasing the world’s beauty, as inspired during a lecture by Jane Goodall at the Field Museum in Chicago.

In her own words, “Education and the opportunity to show people the true beauty of the world give me hope. The more people understand and appreciate the world, the more they will do to save it.”

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