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  • Local Highway Cleanup

    My Environmental Club has already adopted a highway and now we are planning our first Highway Clean Up day. We…
  • High School Permaculture Garden

    We created a permaculture garden available for everyone at the school to help with in an attempt to promote environmental…
    120 hours logged
  • Soup Kitchen Voluenteering

    We will begin encouraging those at our school and those involved in our Roots and Shoots group to join us…
  • Solar Panel Greenhouse

    We are creating a proposal for our school to install solar panels for our green house. This will help save…
  • Highway Adoption

    We want our school to adopt a highway that the students will help take care of. We will host semi-annual…
    3 hours logged
  • Green Week

    Our wish is to encourage students at our high school to be environmentally conscious and understand the true impact they…
    10 hours logged
  • Highway and Lake Cleanup

    To clean up the environment in Northern Utah and promote people to clean up their waste and properly dispose of…
    3 hours logged
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