Anna Grace Glick

My name is Anna and I am a freshman from Nolensville, Tennessee. This is my first year on the National Youth Leadership Council. I am passionate about helping her community…
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    Milkweed for Monarchs

    My name is Genevieve Leroux. I am a 13 year old Monarch Butterfly conservationist. I have been working on this…
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    Let Earth Grow: Teen Anti-Pesticide Alliance

    TAPA is a group for those interested in protecting the species hurt by pesticide and herbicide use, whether they be…
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    Climate Change Champions

    Our group is about helping stop climate change by doing simple everyday things like saving food, electricity, and water. Small…
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    Sustain Secure Save – Living A Sustainable Life

    (Please check out our ”projects” to get started with Sustain Secure Save) We promote a sustainable and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Our…
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    We Are Forces of Nature

    Forces of Nature is a group of unstoppable youth calling for immediate action to stop climate change. One by the…
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    Save the Animals

    This group is to help save the animals from circuses, zoos and other animal cruelty. Please join us to help…
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    Nolensville Roots and Shoots

    Welcome to the Nolensville Roots and Shoots page! If you are a resident of Williamson County, TN, we encourage you…
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    EKK (Earth’s Kind Kids)

    This group is about being kind to the earth and everything that is among it. Join me to make a…
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    Energy Savers

    In this group we will save energy and electricity which will help reduce the CO2 in the air and make…
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    Our goal is to inform our community about the detrimental effects of single-use plastics on the environment and reduce our…
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    Hudson River Estuary Restoration & Conservation

    The Hudson River Estuary is constantly being polluted and is under threat of privatization. If you are interested in the…
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    Palm Oil Problems

    This group is focused on stopping the issues of palm oil. Palm oil is an issue for many reasons, and…
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    Welcome to US Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Council Group page. This group is made of U.S. Roots &…
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