Move 4 Monarchs

Spread Your Wings as a Changemaker to Protect Magical Monarchs

Did you know that a once thriving population of many millions of monarch butterflies has recently been reduced to a fraction of its original numbers? * The primary cause of this tragedy? Habitat loss.

Monarch butterflies can be found all over the world but they are only native to the Americas and two of the largest populations are right here in North America. As essential pollinators, monarch butterflies do the incredible job of facilitating the reproduction of native plants – they’re the life force behind many of our North American habitats! Sadly, the loss of milkweed and other flowering food and habitats for monarchs are pushing these magical pollinators to the brink of extinction. But there is still time to help if we work together right now!

Join Roots & Shoots USA and the Kratt Brothers (of Wild Kratts) Creature Hero Foundation to #Move4Monarchs. Together we will each do our part to help rebuild their habitat and save this iconic species!

Move 4 Monarchs

Kratt Bros

*Scientific American 

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Move 4 Monarchs

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Step 1: Get inspired by Roots & Shoots all-star Genevieve Leroux who is on a mission for monarchs.

Step 2: Use the link above to observe how you can make a difference in your community.

Step 3: Find out how you can take action and start your very own Roots & Shoots project to protect monarchs with our 4-Step Formula here!

Step 4: Share on social tagging @rootsandshoots @creatureherofoundation #move4monarchs to celebrate the difference you’re making!

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