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Pollinators Have an Important Purpose - Help Protect Them!

Did you know that 1/3 of the world’s food exists thanks to bees?

Not only are bees incredible creatures, but we humans pretty much rely on them for our survival as a species. Despite this, native bee populations are dying off at alarming rates. Since 1942, bee populations have been cut in half, while the production of crops that require bee pollination have grown by 300%, creating a huge gap (Marla Spivak TED). Their decline can be attributed to three main intersecting factors: disease, pesticides, and monocultures/flowerless landscapes. Together we can be good for bees and take action!’

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Tell your representatives to support the Save America’s Pollinator Act. This Act would require congress to prioritize protecting our most important pollinators by better regulating the use of harmful pesticides. Let us know you’re doing this 1-Click by filling out the form below and then scroll to the action that follows!

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Like us, bees need water. Be Good for Bees and make a simple “bee bath” out of three easy to find supplies:


Simply fill the tray or bowl with some rocks or marbles for the bees to perch on and fill it up with water around them. Place the bath someplace in the shade and remember to refresh the water each day so it doesn’t become too hot, dry out, or host mosquitos.

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