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With the grant we will purchase birdfeeders and a trail cam to monitor feedings while we aren't able to observe. We will use the Cornell Lab Citizen Science Investigation to guide our work this year, but with the addition of the trail cam for nighttime observation. I believe citizen science is needed in our school, and is a powerful opportunity for students to connect nature with scientific research in a "real" way. We will also communicate with a group of students who live in the remote Siberian Yupik village of Savoonga, on St. Lawrence Island in Alaska, to learn how they use citizen science to learn about changes in their region. We plan to start with birds, but I hope students are able to draw connections between a healthy environment and productive habitats that support many types of life.
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Our group is traveling to the San Xavier Co-op Farm to volunteer and learn about the farm's beneficiary, the O'odham Nation. We will be harvesting local produce and learning about farming methods as well as local and native foods. The store nearby sells the harvest and all the proceeds go back to the Nation. We will also receive education about the Tohono O'odham.
An activity to explore their skills at identifying snake species. An interaction consisting of many questions, in order to learn what they know. Then an exchange of knowledge by teaching them about proper identification and treatment for envenomations.
First is to use available resources to educate the community, then, to get few people who will help to sensitaze the community. The time will be six months from March to August and September will be the time for evaluating
To raise the public's attention we want to make graffiti, paintings, exhibitions, performances and T-shirts. For students I would like to offer bird watching trips and educational programs. We would like to discuss and realize a sustainable project together with one community and find out how bird watching could be part of it. We will also do research online and real bird markets since their is a huge hype in Java for birds now especially rare and endangered ones are oppenly sold. As birdwatching is an important part, we will also go to some still conserved places to count and determine the bird species. We will connect with other birdwatchers, bird protecting communities like FLIGHT , BKSDA, AnimalFriendsYogya and BIONIC.
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Ms. Ingram is also an author of children's books and she will discuss some ideas that have been successful in her community that we could possible use in ours.
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This project will support the communities that utilize the community center and ensure that the community center remains a lively and accessible space to the various individuals in the community that utilize it.
Some of the classes at The Foundation Academy are studing about the culture and the counrty of Ethiopia. This campaign will help to bring their studies to life. The objective of the campaign is to send latters, artwork and videos to to and from the children at the Foundation Academy and the children that are part of Love For Ethiopia's Arba Minch program.
Create a certified standard for native made products all around the world. A website with the same name native-spirit will offer handicraft, artisan made, etnic made produce and products from all around the world. Be it is mask from Papua New Guinea, A knife from the Sami, or a belt from Guatemala. A wayuu bag from Guajira, a Lakota Drum. With the neccessary awarness and an auction type plattform, I have no doubt that single products can reach symbolical high prices if the message is that the true protectors on the foremost front are and always have been our indigenous brothers. By supporting this native made standard and these native groups, conservation and safeguarding their environment can become a reality. Lady Jane Goodalls roots and shots organisation would help coordinate this locally in each community and the plattform with its auctions and income....