Roots & Shoots can help bring meaningful service experiences to your students


We are in the business of growing learners into leaders as well as making education meaningful for students and their community. Roots & Shoots offers online professional development plus resources to mentor young people to lead change in their communities. We’ve worked with thousands of educators and top educational partners to develop, pilot and refine a model built on best practices in diverse educational settings.

Launching in July, 2014 our materials will be aligned to Common Core standards and available through a partnership with the Pearson Foundation. While organized around Common Core, the curriculum is flexible, free to everyone and easily adaptable for our global audience. 

Check back in July or click HERE to be one of the first notified once the curriculum is available for viewing and immediate download. In the meantime, review the foundation for the curriculum in the Roots & Shoots Formula toolkit to familiarize yourself with the program and sign up for our free online professional development course! 


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 Turning Learners Into Leaders:  Empowering Youth Through Service in Education on July 7, 2014.

 Continuing Education Units and mini-grants to fund projects are available for eligible participants!


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