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Nature Heals Humans is imagined as an action-group coming together with their belief in and action towards looking upon nature as a healer. Humans engage themselves in nature-watching, bird watching, wildlife watching, trekking in the wilderness, visiting zoo or animal parks, and having pets at home, and a variety of similar activities that are related to the natural world, be it their own backyards or in the outdoors elsewhere. We believe most such people do find a healing connection between themselves and an animal-related or nature-connected activity. Vinathe Sharma-Brymer, founder of this group is a Nature Heals Humans activist. Please join in and express your support.
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well I have bin using the library so that is a starting point.
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The students will create a folk art inspired clay sculpture or paintings of a chosen endangered animal. Prior to creating their clay sculptures, the students will learn all about endangered animals and possible solutions to save these animals by raising funds and donation them to the World Wild Life Fund, ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and Jane Goodall Institute. Each student will select one endangered animal to research through visits to our school library. In groups based on their chosen animal, students will work together to create a poster about their endangered animal; spreading awareness to their school and community. The students completed posters, paintings and clay sculptures will be available for sale in exchange for a donation at our school’s fundraising events. Proceeds from the fundraisers will be donated to the World Wild Life Fund and Jane Goodall Institute.
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Non Toxic Irvine (www.nontoxicirvine.org) presented to the Irvine Unified School District that they add Roots & Shoots Health & Wellness comitees district wide. These H&W committees will consist of students looking to educate their fellow students and peers on how to create and live in a a more non toxic school and community. It will focus on educating the importance of only using non toxic pesticide, herbicide, and rodent control options for the health and safety of the students, teachers, staff and environment. They will also share everything from sun safety tips, to how to reduce, reuse, recycle.
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We are going out to the woods beside our school and measuring leaves and taking other data down so that the we can compare the data with people all over the state and also between subsequent years.
We do creative activities in an abandonded school every Saturday and Sunday. Our next stage is to organize teaching lessons for the children there and other hosting structures as well.
Its just a little project to make the world a better place. For each and every person to think about and do.
growing, planting and supplying small trees to the public
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Our music teacher and principal accepted our proposal to have a Silent Auction table at the musical. We want to local businesses for prize donations. We also had several parents donate wonderful items. Here is our Silent Auction page: http://animalsandplanet.weebly.com/silent-auction.html
We will be environmental super heroes! First, we will choose an animal we would like to protect. Then we will understand its habitat. Then we will take actions to help protect that habitat. We will do all of this wearing our superhero masks and capes, so that we also draw attention to what we're doing.