Ojas P.

2024 Roots & Shoots Youth Council
Jane Goodall Institute USA
“Music and art empower me; and perhaps most of all, the sunrise—the red, orange, yellow, green hues that shine upon the horizon each morning unceasingly—brings invigorating rays that light up my world. That sunrise almost seems to say, ‘I believe in you, so show me what you can do as I light the way!'”

Grade: College—sophomore

Roots & Shoots History: Four years with Roots & Shoots; RSYC member 2020-2023

Ojas is from Round Rock, Texas, and he is following his passion for computer science, education, and environmental activism at college in his home state. During his time on the council, Ojas and other members had to contend with the pandemic and the unique challenges it posed. However, he was still able to draw inspiration from the presentations at the 2021 virtual RSYC summit, and present on his own exciting work. One of his favorite Roots & Shoots projects involved giving short presentations and running workshops all about computer science and technology to elementary students at an underprivileged school. This allowed him to combine his interests in a way that was rewarding for both him and the students! Outside of this work, Ojas enjoys working on his personal coding projects, and he also likes listening to and creating music—both digitally and on the piano—as a way to relax.

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