Loxitawny C.

2024 Roots & Shoots Youth Council
Jane Goodall Institute USA

State: New Mexico
Years on RSYC: 2023–2024

Loxitawny has been making waves as a member of the Roots & Shoots Youth Council since 2023. Her transformative journey within the council has been marked by meaningful connections, personal growth, and a commitment to positive change.

Loxitawny is currently working on a unique car show with a cultural twist that aims to showcase diversity and uniqueness within her community.

By celebrating indigenous culture through this innovative approach, Loxitawny seeks to bring the community together in a meaningful way.

After the RSYC Summit, Loxitawny shared the insights gained with a local Roots & Shoots group, extending the impact of her learnings. Outside of her Roots & Shoots initiatives, Loxitawny actively participates in Cross Country, serves as a student ambassador at her school, and engages in various activities with Project Venture (National Indian Youth Leadership Project).

For Loxitawny, the RSYC Summit is a “gathering of changemakers that soon will make a life-changing impact on the world.”

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