Kate M.

2024 Roots & Shoots Youth Council
Jane Goodall Institute USA

State: California

Years on RSYC: 2019–2024

Kate is passionate about advocating for gun reform through creativity. She organized an art auction and raised over $30,000 to support a gun violence prevention organization.

Continuing her commitment to gun violence prevention, Kate is currently working on a project titled “Shoot Hoops, not Guns.”

This undertaking involves organizing a lunchtime basketball game in collaboration with her school’s Team Enough club, where they share gun safety resources and mental health information with fellow students.

Outside of advocacy, Kate engages in activities like journaling, drawing, and scrapbooking to maintain her mental well-being.

Kate’s journey on the Council has been rewarding: “I love coming to meetings and hearing all the incredible work the RSYC members are up to, I always leave the calls more inspired and hopeful than ever to make a positive impact.”

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