Emma H.

Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Youth Council
“Many problems seem too big to solve, and I struggle with feeling like I can make a difference. What helps me in these times, is being reminded of mine and other’s passion. I believe that as long as people who are passionate exist, there will always be hope, because one cannot exist without the other.”

Grade: College—sophomore

History with Roots & Shoots: Three years with Roots & Shoots; RSYC member 2021-2023

Emma’s hometown is Pittsboro, North Carolina, and she is continuing her education in North Carolina, where she is growing the Roots & Shoots community. Because there are no Roots & Shoots groups in her area, the COVID-19 pandemic gave Emma the opportunity to explore collaborations with other organizations and start individual projects, growing more confident in her own abilities. In fact, one of the highlights of her time on the council was giving a presentation on Roots & Shoots by herself at her grandmother’s nursing home! This experience fed into her annual project with ClydeFEST, a local children’s folk-art festival where she sets up a table and introduces people of all ages in her community to Roots & Shoots! When she’s not being a Roots & Shoots ambassador, Emma enjoys reading, spending time with friends, family, and pets, listening to music (especially Taylor Swift), and watching TV and movies.

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