Emma H.

National Youth Leadership Council
“I have a strong drive for providing justice and I apply this to environmental and human rights issues. These are so important to me because I want to use my voice for the better.”

Grade: Senior in Pittsboro, North Carolina

History with Roots & Shoots: First year with Roots & Shoots

Emma is a senior from Pittsboro, North Carolina. This is her first year on the National Youth Leadership Council.  Emma enjoys planning and hosting music and fine art events for her community every year through the Chatham Arts Council. She is also an active member of Girls Learn International at her school, where she works for girls’ education and gender equality both in and outside of their community. One of her favorite projects has been a drive for menstrual products, all the donations from which went to stocking all of the campus bathrooms with tampons and pads.  When she’s not working on social justice movements, Emma can be found playing volleyball, singing in her choir group, and working on the school yearbook.

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