Charlotte X. 

National Youth Leadership Council
“There is so much life and detail that can be found in nature.”

Grade: Senior in Plainsboro, New Jersey

History with Roots & Shoots: One year with Roots & Shoots

Charlotte is a senior from Plainsboro, New Jersey. This is her first year on the National Youth Leadership Council. Her favorite Roots & Shoots projects is a bluebird monitoring program with the Mercer County Park Commission. Data was collected and reported to assess the current ecological health of the park and plan future initiatives. Charlotte is passionate about business and environmental advocacy and hopes to pursue a career that lies in the intersection between these two areas. As she learns more about climate change and environmental racism, Charlotte is interested in bringing attention to minimally discussed topics, such as intersectional environmentalism and the significance of indigenous voices. In her spare time, she enjoys birding, photography, and practicing Kungfu.

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