Charlotte X. 

2024 Roots & Shoots Youth Council
Jane Goodall Institute USA
“Focus on systems as much as goals! Being surrounded with a system of reciprocally uplifting people who work well together is incredibly valuable in generating long term change and momentum. Similarly, create daily systems that center personal wellbeing; be kind to yourself.”

Grade: College—sophomore

History with Roots & Shoots: Three years with Roots & Shoots; RSYC member 2020-2023

Roots & Shoots Groups: 🔗 Light as a Feather, 🔗 HSN Environmental Club

Charlotte is from Plainsboro, NJ, and she has taken her passion for protecting native wildlife to college in Vermont. Most of her time on the council has been during the height of the pandemic, and while she was still able to make an impact, she reflected feeling much more connected to Roots & Shoots after meeting in person for the 2022 RSYC summer summit. Her favorite Roots & Shoots project was actually her first project, in which she created and sold nature-inspired stickers and used the funds to uplift Indigenous voices in climate action. Now, she uses that first experience managing a team project to organize an annual bluebird monitoring program with her local park commission and local youth, and she is even adding mapping and data visualization tools to her bird banding repertoire thanks in part to training sessions through JGI! Outside of community projects, one of Charlotte’s favorite ways to connect to people and relax is through cooking.

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