Caleb O.

2024 Roots & Shoots Youth Council
Jane Goodall Institute USA
 “I read a biography about Dr. Jane Goodall and became inspired to move from feeling helpless to becoming a change-maker and a leader.”

Grade: Junior in Gambrills, Maryland

History with Roots & Shoots: Seven years with Roots & Shoots

Caleb is a junior from Gambrills, Maryland. This is his first year on the National Youth Leadership Council. His favorite project has been setting up a meal swipe program at Bowie State University. Caleb collaborated with Bowie State University to create a sustainable and effective program to provide hot meals to needy students powered by donations from students, staff, and generous donors. This project is special because it provides students an opportunity to serve an often overlooked and vulnerable population – their peers. Caleb is passionate about STEM and making its resources more accessible to students of all socioeconomic groups. In addition to serving on the NYLC, Caleb is the director of Kid Changemakers, COO of Power Hawks Robotics, captain of South River It’s Academic, a member of AACPS Student Service Leadership Team, and South River SGA.  Caleb also enjoys sports and can be found practicing with his varsity tennis team.

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