Community Mapping with ArcGIS Online

In order to use ArcGIS Online you will need to create an account, join the Roots & Shoots Organization Account or join your USA K-12 School Account.

  1. Create an account – You can create your own ArcGIS Online Account, starting with a free 21-day trial.
  2. Join the Roots & Shoots ArcGIS Online Organization Account for FREE by filling out the form below. This will give you full access to the suite of tools available on ArcGIS Online for free. You will be able to set security settings on your map to keep them private, so only you or your young people can edit/view your maps, or you can choose to share your maps within the R&S Organization or with the general ArcGIS Online population.
    1. After filling out the form, you will receive an invitation email to join the account 5-10 business days after submitting your request.
    2. Your invitation email will only work for two weeks. So please log in as soon as you receive the invitation email.
    1. If you are a teacher at a K-12 US public school, please check to see if your school already has an ArcGIS Online Organization Account and join with that account. The security settings for your school account might differ from the Roots & Shoots Organization Account. Rather than joining the Roots & Shoots Organization Account, you will join the Roots & Shoots Group, where you will still be able to share and view your community maps with members of the Roots & Shoots Organization.
      1. If you have registered with ArcGIS Online through your school account and wish to join the Roots & Shoots Group, please visit the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Group page and click “Join This Group” in the upper left corner. We will approve your request within 10 business days.
      2. The Roots & Shoots Group is public, but only members can post their content within the group.
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