Sea Lab Project – Lele Art Lab

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  • Location
    Deerfield Beach, Florida
  • Status
    active 6 months ago
  • Age Level
    8 to 10 Years
    11 to 13 Years
    14 to 18 Years

Group Description

Participate in design challenges to help the environment, and submit pictures from the challenges to share on our group page. Join the Sea Lab Project, a Lele Art Lab Public Art Program made to help young people build, make and create environmental, educational artwork to drive positive action for our oceans. Every month, we’ll post challenges: hands-on projects and materials list, to encourage creativity and imagination. In the journey of hunting for art supplies, we search in unexpected places and beyond traditional art stores. Our goal is to give new life to discarded items, obtain supplies in an eco-friendly manner and source sustainably. Where ocean trash turns into art and the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) adds to our scientific method.Share your ART with other youth activists. Create a Roots & Shoots account and click “Join Project” to join our team!

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