Let Earth Grow: Teen Anti-Pesticide Alliance

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TAPA is a group for those interested in protecting the species hurt by pesticide and herbicide use, whether they be a native bee, a mama robin feeding her young, a croaking frog in a pond, or the people working in agriculture who plant and harvest the crops everyday, touching and breathing in the toxic chemicals that make up pesticides and herbicides. They are also changing the way our landscapes look and function, reducing the beauty and health of the places we live, work and visit.

No matter how much pesticide and herbicide companies might insist, pesticides and herbicides are not healthy to breathe in or, to live in—not healthy for the plants, animals, or us. A common pesticide can kill a frog in one hour, so you can imagine what it’s doing to those who live everyday among these chemicals, including us. Reducing and eliminating Pesticide and Herbicide use isn’t just a battle to protect environmental health. It’s also a battle to protect our health, YOUR health. Step up and make a change with TAPA.

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