Go Plant-Based for People, Other Animals, & The Planet We Share.

Did you know that by going plant-based you could improve your health, protect the planet from climate change, and save the lives and suffering of millions of animals?

Factory farms are a type of industrial system that relies on intensive animal agricultural practices which cause tremendous harm to the environment, other animals, and our health.

More than anything, thinking about how all your daily food decisions and access to healthy food impacts the people, other animals, and planet is the right way to go – from how you get your food, to how it was grown, to how to reduce waste! Choosing to eat differently does not have to be a complete upheaval in order for it to be completely revolutionary! You can do something today…

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Why #EATMEATLESS? According to an IPCC report, industrial animal agriculture, particularly the beef and dairy industry, contributes to over 14% (or more) of all green house gas emissions (IPCC). Beyond direct emissions, the animal agriculture industry cuts down huge areas of forest to grow the grain to feed the billions of animals we eat each year, or to provide grazing, releasing even more GHGs (Mongabay).

In addition, many traditional factory farm animals, like cows and pigs, have been shown to have impressive intelligence, sentience, and can develop deep emotional relationships with other animals and humans. Dr. Goodall in fact stopped eating meat over 50 years ago when she realized that the factory farm industry was responsible for the suffering of millions of animals across the globe.

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