Help grow the next generation of Dr. Jane Goodalls!

Since 2014, more than 4,000 educators have registered for the Roots & Shoots online course...many of whom are now experts in the Roots & Shoots service learning model.

Growing Compassionate Leaders is an innovative, online, professional development course that is free and open to everyone. The course teaches participants how to identify and implement a local service learning campaign using the Roots & Shoots program model. 

Complete the course and mentor young people to lead change in their communities by mapping needs, collaborating with stakeholders, and designing practical solutions in the form of campaigns (and learn a lot along the way). Connect young people to Dr. Goodall’s message of hope while facilitating a sense of empowerment that comes from helping others.

Join us this summer as we aim to graduate another class of impressive change-makers who are ready to roll up their sleeves and complete meaningful service learning projects in their communities.


Check out some of the amazing service campaigns led by previous course participants: 
Here's what previous students are saying about the course:
"At the schools I have worked at in the past, we have done some community service projects, but nothing like the service learning that we are all learning about through this course. I cannot wait to help my students begin on their journey!"
"It is a course that enables educators to feel empowered and inspired to make positive change with their students."
"The course was comprehensive and helpful as a veteran Roots & Shoots leader. I look forward to trying the community mapping."
"This was by far the best online course I have ever taken. This course was well planned and wonderfully executed. The information was clear and accessible. The teachers and all involved were enthusiastic and insightful, clear and informative. The activities were directly connected and helped me learn the information. I was previously daunted looking at the sources on the Roots & Shoots website, but now I feel that I can easily access this tool and use it in the classroom. I am so excited for my next step. Thank you to all who put their time, energy and passion into creating and running this course. You are truly appreciated. My future students will hear about the wonderful class that taught me how to take their education to whole other level of existence! Hugs!"