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Summer intern Kelsey Frenkiel reflects on her work with Roots & Shoots and why it's important to get creative and give more than 100%.

Broadway Producer Lindsay Meck revives her old play about Dr. Jane and brings it to the Roots & Shoots community.

NYLC Member Yanni talks about how we can help save the declining honeybee population.

The Project of the Month award recognizes and celebrates Roots & Shoots members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

July 14th marks 55 years since Dr. Jane Goodall arrived at the shores of Gombe Stream Chimpanzee Reserve to start her studies of wild chimpanzees.

It went well for the first attempt. We saved over 6,144 gallons of recyclables from the landfill, mostly paper and gatorade bottles.

NYLC Member Arunima talks about how being outside can be beneficial to one's health.

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Jane Goodall Institute, Roots & Shoots Hong Kong's students are on the move! Check out pics from their recent Venture into Nature exchange tour in Taiwan.
This month, we're celebrating a Roots & Shoots group in Dorado, Puerto Rico for their impressive work on behalf of people, animals, and the environment! Pawsitive Action is led by group leader Carlo and his sister Claudia. Carlo says, "Pawsitive Action is the first nonprofit organization of its kind in Puerto Rico. We provide materials and volunteer services to shelters across the island, and we are entirely managed by students. The Pawsitive Action Food Collection was the first project carried out by our organization. It was carried out in two separate schools, as well as participating businesses, such as Walgreens. We collected more than 1,000 pounds of cat and dog food for the Save a Sato shelter. We've been featured front page in the newspaper, and we met Jane Goodall during her recent visit to the island." Congratulations and thank you, Pawsitive Action! Read more and explore the interactive Project of the Month map:
Catch up with #RootsandShoots! The August "Branch Out" newsletter shares stories from Orlando, Florida to Windsor, England and beyond! Read the newsletter to see what Roots & Shootsers like you have been up to this summer:
Whether you're prepping for a Fall internship or getting ready to head back to school, Roots & Shoots summer intern Kelsey has some tips for you...
Our #janegoodallinstitute #RootsandShoots colleagues in Argentina were recently recognized by the Buenos Aires City Council Legislature. Congratulations, Econectados, on the honor and for all of your great work to a promote a discovery of the natural environment, the development of problem solving skills, and for generating environmental projects and outcomes with young agents of change! Instituto Jane Goodall Argentina
During the #TeenChoice Awards last night, Rachel Platten performed her hit "Fight Song" while several young women were honored on stage for their work to make the world a better place. Among them was Madi V., a member of the #RootsandShoots U.S. National Youth Leadership Council who "fights for" conservation and human rights. Read more about Madi and the other Pro-Social Honorees:
Learning and practicing Keyline design with @egofriend. #permaculture #NYLCtakesDisney
ICYMI: Members of the #RootsandShoots U.S. National Youth Leadership Council are in Orlando this week for their annual summit! They've been participating in professional development workshops at Walt Disney World's Disney's Coronado Springs Resort and today, they spent the afternoon volunteering for Clean the World. We're so proud of our young leaders!
Members of the #RootsandShoots US National Youth Leadership Council are arriving in Orlando, FL today for a week of professional development and service at #DisneyWorld! Follow the group via the hashtag #NYLCtakesDisney
Don't forget to vote for the Jane Goodall Institute's photo to help us feed over 150 orphaned chimpanzees!