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Latest Projects and News

We continue to volunteer at the Delaware Food Bank monthly.

A step-by-step guide to submitting and completing a project report.

Ella, Luca and Dylan learned that it is a lot of work to manage a campaign, but they had a lot of fun planning their project and making the video together.
The fifth grade raised $650.00 towards the airlift and on-going support of the lion rescue in South Africa.

A new resource to help educators visualize a timeline for their Roots & Shoots service campaigns.

Middle school science teacher, Namrata Dixit received a scholarship to participate in Inquiry in Rainforests in Costa Rica. She describes her enriching experience and shares her favorite memories, what she learned and beautiful photos from her trip.  

Connect With Other Youth!

Climate Change + Habitat Destruction
How can each of us combat climate change — as individuals, community members, and citizens of Earth? Let’s talk project ideas and actions we can take to fight habitat destruction and protect our planet.

Industrial Agriculture + Extractive Industries
The food we eat, the clothing we wear, and the items we purchase all impact animals and the Earth. What can we do to lessen our negative impact and educate our peers about their choices?

Invasive Species + Biodiversity Loss
We share our planet with countless other creatures. We must remember that the things we do affect our ecosystems and that it is our duty to protect all forms of life. Let’s figure out ways to best do our job.

Migratory Species + Pollinators
Whether traveling from flower to flower or across borders, these creatures need our help to make the journey.

Peace + Conflict
What can YOU do to promote world peace? How can YOU help settle conflicts? What can YOU do to make this world better? So much, and it starts with a conversation.

Refugees + Displaced Humans
Just like we show compassion for other animals, we too must show compassion for our fellow humans. How can we support, work with, and learn from other people?

Wildlife Trafficking, Poaching, Pet + Bushmeat Trade
One of the greatest threats to endangered species is illegal trafficking and poaching. To fight this, we must educate ourselves and others. Let’s brainstorm.

Educators + Mentors
Communicate and collaborate with other group leaders and formal educators leading Roots & Shoots projects and growing compassionate young leaders.