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Roots & Shoots Mini-Grants

Mini-Grant FAQs

  • Mini-grants are available to Roots & Shoots members only. Becoming a member is easy and it’s free! Simply register here (COMING SOON) then you will be eligible to apply for a Roots & Shoots mini-grant.

  • Groups are eligible to apply if they are in the United States, are members of Roots & Shoots, and leading a Roots & Shoots service-learning campaign. Roots & Shoots campaigns should follow the Roots & Shoots Formula.

  • Individuals who have already received a mini-grant during the same calendar year are not eligible to apply until the following year. Group projects that have already received support from a Roots & Shoots mini-grant (via other members of the group, organizations or colleagues) are not eligible to receive additional grants during the same school year. Groups residing outside of the United States are not eligible.

  • Any type of group can apply! Individuals, community groups, school groups, non-profit groups, and families leading service learning campaigns are welcome to apply.

  • Yes. To learn about opportunities available in your country, click here.

  • Members will be notified of the status of their application after the deadline has passed.

  • Your mini-grant will be mailed to the address you provided in your application form in the form of a VISA gift card.

  • You should receive your mini-grant within 6 weeks of the application deadline.

  • The Roots & Shoots mini-grant program has a very high application approval rate. Hundreds of groups benefit from the program each year. Successful applications demonstrate youth leadership, service learning, and community impact. Learn more by exploring the Roots & Shoots 4 Step Formula.

  • Roots & Shoots members may only apply for one mini-grant per calendar year. You will be eligible to apply for another Roots & Shoots mini-grant in the Spring round.

  • Mini-grant project reports for Spring 2022 are due December 28, 2022 unless you've requested an extension. Report here or request an extension here

  • There are multiple deadlines each year for members to apply for a Roots & Shoots mini-grant. A limited number of grants are available each school year. If you miss a deadline, your application will be considered for the next deadline.

  • We get it, plans can change! If you no longer need the grant you received, please email us at so we can reallocate the funds to another group.

Still have questions, please email us at

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